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4 Important Things To Consider Before Joining RechargeAndGetPaid (RAGP 2020)

It is now easy for someone to Recharge And Get Paid or Topup on his/her daily utility bills which is been made possible with VTU (Virtual Top Up) Business Program and other Companies like RechargeAndGetPaid, TopupandEarn (Topup Plus), and others.

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You might have heard of RechargeAndGetPaid and other VTU Business but you haven’t join any of them because you do not know, if it is a scam business or legit.

Let me clear your doubt first, it is legit but,

Know much about it before Joining any VTU Business Platform.

If you want to join any of this VTU Business Platform, here are

Four (4) most important things to but into consideration before Joining RechargeAndGetPaid VTU Platform.

#1: Time. 
#2: Money.
#3: Convincing Power. 
#4: Team Building.

Yes, these points are very critical and important to help you have a successful VTU Business.


First, you have to ask yourself if you have the Time to really do VTU As A Business with your current condition or you should try something else.

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If you think it is okay by you, then also consider this – Money.

It involves money but would not cost you much,

How Much Do I Need To Join RechargeAndGetPaid?
you from ₦5,000 and Above  and choose any of their Compensation plan in RAGP..

In an article I publish way back, I show you how to Fund your RAGP e-wallet – check it out.

This year, RechargeAndGetPaid introduces a new RAGP wallet funding.

You would love to also check out method of funding your wallet without using your money.

Convening Power:

Be able to convince someone to buy what you sell and fast in any business

If you are a  registered member, you can download the new RechargeAndGetPaid Mobile App from Google Playstore.

Team Building::

You must be good in team buildng And Prospecting. 

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