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20 Profitable Ways To Start A VTU Business (How To Become A VTU Business Agent)

When I post about VTU Business on Nairaland some weeks ago, a lot of people have been asking all kind of question relating to the business like;

is there a VTU Business mobile app?

Lists Of VTU Business Companies in Nigeria?

VTU Business websites?

What is VTU Business All About?

To Start With, Let me restate the full meaning of VTU according to telecom business.

VTU stand for Virtual Top Up.

Telecom VTU Business has taken a new look in 2019 online, and the usage rate has been very good in Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa and Online in general.

This business opportunity has also created jobs and also a source of income for some that take it as a business, it can be a side hustle income business for students and workers at all level.

The big question, I usually get asked whenever I talk about this business is, What is VTU Business All About.

What is VTU Business All About?

How profitable is the VTU Business, how can someone become an agent or dealer in this business?

I have published a post before to show you how to start VTU business with your Smartphone Online and how to fund your VTU Business Ewallet for free.

Becoming a VTU Recharge card Business agent is different from becoming a Data Business dealer, VTU Data Business is one of fast selling hot product now online.

Without much delay, some VTU Business Websites and App is not too different from the one I listed in a post I made mention of the Lists Of VTU Business Companies and Website to choose from and how to register on each of them, you can go and check it out.

Profitable Ways To Start VTU Business Online In Nigeria
Agent Doing VTU Business With Smartphone 

Profitable Ways To Start VTU Business Online

VTU Business opportunity is so many which has made so many register for it and quit after some few days or months, someone asked me; how long will it take to start making money in this new business, and I always give me sincere answer ” From Day 1″.

Yes, I am correct.

#1:  Team Strength

Depending on the training from your team before you start the business after registration, my team help me a lot when I first join the business and even up till now.

You also need to build a good team yourself when you have fully understand how the business works.

Your team should always be your re-enforcement base, avaliable to encourage you any time any day.

#2: Your Strength & Influence

You have to be able to persuade more people to join your network and build your team. if you have influence online or offline, you can leverage it by telling them about it.

#3: Your Company Influence & Trust

The company you are into should have good reputation online and offline, people should be able to trust the company after going through the company profile.

#4: Your Marketing Strength

Your marketing promotion is what will make you excel in the business and also profit from it. So, focus on your reach for this is your strength.

If you do not have good marketing skill, go learn from an expert or your leader in the business.

#5: Result

Past Result or Prove that the business has been a great and lucrative business, would help you get new downline in your team.

#6: Experience

When people see you have good experience in what you do and you are succeeding, the would even come to ask to join your business or team. Your experience would help you have high profile among your competitors.

#7: Determination

Determination is the key to the door of greatness and success, when you are determine and hard working (consistent) you will definitely rich your good.

#8: Goal Setting

You can not just start and make it big as you see those who are already at the top and want to be like them in day one, you have to master the whole business system and grow as you go.

#9: MindSet
#10: Family & Friends
#11:  Religion
#12: Money
#13: Education
#14: Lifestyle
#15: Sign Up Fee
#16: Cummulative Points
#17: Age Restrition
#18:  Technical Issue
#19: GiveAway
#20: Contest

You can ask me your question at the comment section below and I would reply immediately.

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