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(New Trick) How To Download Audio/Video From Telegram Using Mobile App

I was furious to know how to download or save audio file from telegram, because I joined my church telegram channel and I wanted to download my pastor’s sermon to my device (android phone). And everything became confusing and I started navigating n options in telegram mobile app,  finally I got to know How To Download Audio From Telegram Channel or group.  File (music, song) in mp3 format.


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In this tutorial guide, you would learn How To Easily Download or Save Audio file (message) to your device.







And others.


Here are the simple steps to Download Audio from telegram.


Steps To Download/Save Audio From Telegram Channel or Group

Download From Telegram

  1. Login to Telegram. (in Mobile App,  Web App or Website  https://telegram.org/ )
  2. Open Channel/Group to download from.
  3. Play the Audio First, to download file and ensure it is the correct file.
  4. Click on the option on the file.
  5. Click “Save To Music“.
  6. Congratulations, you are done. Your file is in your file manager ready to play and Enjoy.

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