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Can I Create A Free NNUForum Account (Join NNUForum)

NNUForum Account is not difficult to create and anyone can join NNUForum Earning Program but is not for free, it would cost you ₦1,400 to fully verify your NNUForun Account Now.

You can join NNUForum and join either of it earning programs, which are;

  • Regular Earners.
  • Smart Earners (N.I.P Distributor).

What is the Difference Between NNUForum Regular Earners Account And Smart Earners Account (NIP Distributor)

Regular Earners on NNUForum are members who make money on this platform from their activities like sharing viral share, posting, commenting, referring new members to join NNUForum using their refer link generated from their username. That is What a Regular Earners Account can do.


NNUForum Smart Earners (NIP Distributor) can do everything regular earners can do and also sell NIP code to new members (not yet register member), they are categories as NNUForum  NIP Agents.

However, to become a Smart Earner and a Regular Member should not be something that would confuse you about NNUForum income program. You can have one active and verified NNUForum Account and do both activities and earner your commission or earnings as usual.

So, you might want to know How To Join NNUForum or Create A NNUForum Account right now.

Okay, but let me brief explain to you what NNUForum NIP means.

N. I. P = NNU Income Program

Before, NIP was done on NNU.ng also known as NNU Version 1 and now in full activation on NNUForum as Version 2.

NNU version 1 registration fee was ₦1,600
NNU version 2 registration fee is now ₦1,400

How Does NNUForum Works (Pay) 

If you are completely new to this income program by Paul Samson called NNUForum (NNU income Program), do not worry I would show you all you need to know about it – What NNUForum is All About and How Does NNUForum (Nippers) Make Money Online.

Do you want NNUForum Guide?

Click Here to Get All NNUForum Tutorial Guide.j

Our next post would be on How Do Smart Earners Make Money on NNUForum version 2.

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