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How To Join Longrich Nigeria And Get My Free 10 Bonus Packages

Longrich has been in Nigeria for a good number of years now and has stockists and distributors in almost all states in Nigeria and outside Nigeria, if you have been hearing about longrich and want to know what longrich is all about? Read more here.

When I was talking about nnuforum and how nnuforum works, I did not do something, something I would say here to show you the longrich is legit.

Among the three businesses I listed in our previous post ‘ 3 Hot Online Business That Pays High in Nigeria‘ Marketing is my top recommended business for students, workers and business owners. In fact there are two types of Marketing Business.

Longrich is an international Multi Level Marketing business and a manufacturing company or a Network Marketing Business.

Everyone is trying to introduce you to one Network Marketing Business or the other or even to longrich I am about to introduce you to but here is why my longrich team is different from other Longrich team in Nigeria.

How To Join Longrich Nigeria + Bonus Packages
Longrich Nigeria

Here are my Top 10 Bonus Packages:

1. Smartphone Graphics Design.

2. I would create a Professional Blog For You.

3. I would Create A Facebook Business Page For You.

4. I would Create A YouTube Brand Channel. 

5. How To Sell Anything Online and Receive Money To Your Bank Account.

6. How To Design An Ebook Cover. 

7. How To Make Your Digital Products Downloadable Online.

8. I would Create An E-commerce Store For You.

9. Get My Latest Ebook for Free worth (₦2,500)

10. How To Create Animated Videos And Pictures.

+ How To Start A VTU Business.

Now,  would you like to know how to join my team?

Steps To Register For Longrich And Get My Free Bonus Packages 

Firstly, I want you to know that registration fee for Longrich is Free but you must by a Longrich Product to be a preferred member.

Then what next;

Let me make this clear, the most important achievement in longrich is PV (Product Value) and that would help you upgrade from one one rank or level to another.

It is good you register for any of the premium membership for a start and see how longrich works. From Compensation plan to everything you need to know.

 See Table

1 VIP MEMBERSHIP 1680PV ₦750, 000 12%
2 PLATINUIM MEMBERSHIP 720PV ₦350, 000 12%
3 GOLD MEMBERSHIP 240PV ₦120, 000 10%
4 SILVER MEMBERSHIP 120PV ₦60, 000 8%
5 Q-SILVER MEMBERSHIP 60PV ₦30, 000 8%


We also have a student Plan which is ₦10,000 (₦9,800)

If you are still confuse or not clear about this business, read my post on ‘ What is Longrich All About

But, if you want to join Longrich and claim my bonus packages and I would guide you through it, pick a membership plan that you can afford and contact me on Whatsapp: 07055487338

However, if you want to get my paid services you can contact me individually on any of the above mentioned digital services and I would deliver my Quote.

See IncomeBrain Products And Services

Leave your questions in the comment section below…

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