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[Free Video Download]: How To Start And Grow Your Blog For Profit – Featuring Yaro Starak

Back then in the early 2000s when Blogging wasn’t as popular as it is now, you could create a Free, write good content and start ranking on search engine and make money when your content recieve lots of traffic, when the number of blogs was almost 3 million blogs online.

But now, we have almost billions of blogs that is one person with more than one blog you can’t rank by just writing good content or make good money from traffic to your blog.

What Then, Is the Solution To Blogging Today?

Good question, for you to Profit from Blogging today, You have to be more strategic in your planning from day one. That is creating and designing a Profitable Blog Funnel 
This Funnel must show how you would build and grow your blog and bring in money and traffic to your blog, free or paid, premium or basic plan.
The Blog Profit Funnel should cover a 5 -10 year goal of your blog and should not be dependent on one source.
Example of a Basic Blog Funnel
A Profitable Blog Funnel sequence must contain, how the blog will be generating income/money for the blogger, how the blog will generate traffic (all source of traffic must be listed out clearly) free or paid traffic.
Another thing a good blog funnel should have is a system for AUTOMATION . If you want to avoid the pain to be repeating the proccess over and over again by yourself is to build a system for Automation that does the proccess for you after first creation. This can be an Email Marketing System (Software) or a Sales Funnel.
It graduate audience from knowning you at first to the proccess of trusting you and then buys from you, one of the most hardest thing online is first purchase, if customer online have bought from you before from your blog or website it would be easy to sell to them again.
How A Profitable Online Marketing Funnel Works.
Example of a Profitable Blog Funnel
There are many other secret you should know on how to start and grow a blog for profit or as a business yaro starak shared in this video which you should not miss.
The Video is a Complete Tutorial On Blogginng.
So take a note and a pen and watch diligently.
You would learn a lot from this tutorial.

What You Would Learn From This Video:

  • What Is A Blog?
  • Platforms Use For Blogging.
  • How To Start A Blog.
  • How To Get An Audience And Make Them Lifetime Subscribers/Followers.
  • How To Make Money Blogging 2 hours A Day.
  • How To Build A Profitable Blog Today.
  • What you will need to start blogging.
  • How to network with famous bloggers.
  • How To Automate your blog for profit.
  • And Much more.
Watch This Video Now 👉▶️

Video Details:

Video Tittle: The A – Z In Making Money Blogging (Blog Profit Blueprint) – Featuring Yaro Starak

Featuring: Ebube James & Yaro Starak

Duration: 102 mins

Publish Date: 10th June, 2018

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