17 Type Of Phones That Whatsapp Will Not Support In 2023

Popular Messaging App – Whatsapp Officially Announced list of Phones that will no longer support in January 2021, here are list of android and iPhone that Whatsapp Will no longer support in January 1st (New Year).

whatsapp 2021 phones

Which phones will No longer support WhatsApp?

Apple iPhone 1-4

· Samsung Galaxy S2

· HTC Desire

· LG Optimus Black

· Motorola Droid Razr

· Any Android released before 2010

These phones will need to update to at least iOS 9 or Android OS 4.0.3:

· Apple iPhone 4S

· iPhone 5

· iPhone 5S

· iPhone 6

· iPhone 6S

· Samsung Galaxy S3 and newer

· Samsung Galaxy Note

· HTC Sensation

· HTC Thunderbolt

· LG Lucid

· Motorola Droid 4

Which Android will support WhatsApp?

Android Device Version Above Android OS 4.0.3

Is WhatsApp closing down in 2020?

No, it is just a Major Update on Application because of some new features.

What is the cheapest phone that supports WhatsApp?

Drop your answers on the comment section below this post.

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