4 Secret Methods Teachers Use To Make Money During JAMB Period (2022)

Another JAMB Exam is about to start in 2022 and many JAMB Aspirants are too lazy to study and do research on their four (4) core subjects, they want a Miracle JAMB Centre.

JAMB Lecture Houses and SSS (Senior Secondary School) Teachers use this opportunity to Make More Extra Money As a Teacher in Nigeria School System as we know.

What Are You Thinking that I want to Say?

JAMB 2020 Result

If you use the title and image to judge this post content, then you would end up misleading yourself.

Are you a Tutor or Teacher on this post, I would like to share with you an Open Secret Many other Teachers like you used to make Money Teaching in schools and Lecture Houses for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, NABTECH and GCE etc.

Which ever exam your Candidates are sitting for, you can use these methods to make real money in Exams or Mock.

The Methods are quite Stressful but actually pays on a long term, some even go as far as selling their Course Topic  Materials Online.

Let’s Dive In Now,


How Do Teachers Make Money During JAMB Exam In Nigeria

  • CBT practice.
  • Selling Key Point & E-books.
  • Private Jamb Classes.
  • JAMB Lecture House Teaching.

You might have heard about most of them, but let me formally educate you on each above-mentioned list.

There are illegal ways teachers use to also make money like Exam Malpractice, Impersonation, False Promises and others, But these methods I am about to show you are Legit.

Keep Reading!

JAMB 2020

In some cases, you do not have to be the one to do the hard Job of it.

You can Hire Someone!

You can hire  a web developer to create a CBT Software for you,

You can hire someone to guide the Candidate on how to use the CBT Application.

You can pay someone to write the course keypoint and other short guide relating to the exam.

Let me give you more details here, Right Now.

#1: Create A CBT Application

This is now the the trending business for school and lecture houses now, even most school blog has it like Pass NGMySchool etc.

How does CBT Exam Works?


What is CBT Practice?

C.B.T means Computer Base Test

How does it works

CBT is a generic name for every internet base test done using a Computer.

But when we point only to JAMB CBT Practice, we are talking about Joint Admission Matriculation Board Examination.

Students (Candidate) would like to practice pass questions and related course questions.

If you as a teacher could be able to create a JAMB CBT Practice Mobile App or Website and give detailed answer why an answer is correct and even mention the topic of the question.

Candidate can pay membership license fee to access the App or You display Ads and generate revenue from Advertisement and sponsored links.

Would you love to create a  CBT Mobile App or Website?


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