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What is Cut Off Mark For Pharmacy in DELSU 2023/2024

Many people want to study pharmacy in Delsu, but most of them don’t know cut off mark for pharmacy in Delsu and the requirements.

In this post, I am going to explain everything you need to know about pharmacy in Delsu. I am going to answer questions people ask every day such as “does Delsu offer pharmacy courses?  Delsu pharmacy requirements cut off mark for pharmacy in Delsu etc.”


So let’s dive in



Does DELSU offer pharmacy?


The answer is yes. DELSU offers a pharmacy course. DELSU is one of the best universities in Nigeria that offer more than 95-degree programs, faculties, and institutes.

If you are looking for a good university to study pharmacy in Nigeria, I will advise you to consider DELSU.


Requirements to study pharmacy in DELSU


To study pharmacy in DELSU, you need to meet up with certain requirements which I am going to list below;


  1. One must be 16 years old or above


  1. Meet the school required cut off mark



  1. Correct jamb subjects selection


  1. A good score in JAMB, WAEC, and post UTME



  1. You need to have at least 5 credits in your O level result, be it WAEC or NECO to study pharmacy in DELSU. Note that English and mathematics are compulsory.


Cut off mark for pharmacy in DELSU 2022


DELSU pharmacy cut-off mark is different from other courses; this is because pharmacy students are expected to perform way higher than students. So to gain admission to study pharmacy at DELSU you must score above 200 in your jamb.

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However, DELSU pharmacy cut-off marks are made up of your jamb score and your UTME score. The aggregated cut off mark can be calculated as follows:


How to calculate DELSU pharmacy aggregate cut off mark


To calculate your actual cut-off mark for pharmacy in DELSU, you will have to divide your jamb score by 8 and your post UTME score by 2, then your actual cut-off mark will be a summation of your jamb score divided by and your post UTME by 2. Confused? Wait, let me make it more clear to you.


For instance, a student who wishes to study pharmacy in the school scored 280 in jamb and score 90 in post UTME, the actual cut off mark will be calculated as follows;





This means the higher your jamb score and your UTME score, the higher the aggregate score.


DELSU cut off mark for pharmacy 2022


The required aggregate cut-off mark for studying pharmacy in DELSU is always above 65, which means after calculating your jamb and UTME score using the method I explained above, your aggregate cut-off mark should be above 65 for you to gain admission into the school.


Departments in DELSU faculty of pharmacy.


DELSU has many different departments for the pharmacy that is responsible for the fondling and formation of the malleable students. Below is the full list of the departments….


  • Department of pharmaceutical and medicinal chemistry
  • Department of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy department
  • Department of pharmacology and toxicology
  • Department of pharmacognosy and drug development
  • Department of pharmaceutics and industrial chemistry
  • Department of pharmaceutical microbiology and biotechnology

How many years to study pharmacy in DELSU?


The admitted students into the DELSU pharmacy course are to spend five (5) years in other to obtain a bachelor of pharmacy degree (B Pham).

The doctor of pharmacy (pharm D) degree program has a minimum of six (6) years and a maximum of (9) nine years for UTME, and a minimum of five (5) years and a maximum of eight (8) years for direct entry.


DELSU Admission to B Pharm

Student Admitted to study Pharmacy in Delsu will be rewarded with the Bachelor of Pharmacy degree (B. Pharm) not Pharm D, in order to obtain Pharm D from B pharm certificate you apply for pharm B  to pharm D conversion.


DELSU school fees for pharmacy?


Delta state university (DELSU) school fees for pharmacy students, both indigenes and non indigenes is explained in the table below:

Department/Courses School Fees Indigenes School Fees Non Indigenes Acceptance Fee Non Indigenes Acceptance Fee Indigenes


FACULTY OF PHARMACY (ABRAKA CAMPUS) Fees In Naira Fees In Naira Fees In Naira Fees In Naira
Pharmacy 64,500 84,500 30,000 40,000
School Of Medicine 64,500 84,500 30,000 40,000
Medicine 64,500 84,500 30,000 40,000


FEE TYPE                                     ACTUAL FEE          
Infotech 5,000
Development Levy 5,000
Examination 5,000
Field Trip 5,000
ID Card 2,000
Insurance Premium 1,000
Library 2,000
Maintenance Levy 5,000
Health Services 5,000
Registration 3,000
SIWES 3,000
Sports 2,500
Student Union Dues 500
Laboratory 5,000
Departmental Teaching Materia 5,000
Entrepreneurship Training 5,000
SEC/Accreditation 5,000
Student Faculties Maintenance Dues 500
TOTAL FEES                                   64,500


O level requirement to study pharmacy in DELSU

Just like other health courses, you will need at least five (5) credits in your main subjects which are:

  • English language
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Physics and
  • Biology

Though, if you observe closely, mathematics is not required for jamb, but your 0’level. I.e. your WAEC, NECO, OR NABTEB, math is compulsory in those O-level exams.

Students are required to pass all of the above subjects in no more than two sittings.


Pharmacy in DELSU direct entry requirements


Even without JAMB, you can still get admission to DELSU to study pharmacy using JUPEB (joint universities preliminary examination board).

However, there are some steps and requirements for this method of seeking admission into the school, those steps and requirements are explained below;

Firstly, you will need to buy a form which cost N15, 000 and sit for the entrance exam. This is exam is not about passing or failing, it is just a formality as the most student if not all will be allowed to participate in the program (JUPEB)


Lastly, a minimum of merit pass in the national certificate of education (NCE), National Diploma (ND), and other advanced level certificates.


Does DELSU accept combined results?


Yes, they accept combined results to study pharmacy in the school; it should not be more than two sittings.

These combined results can be WAEC and NECO, WAEC and WAEC GCE, NECO and NABTEB, WAEC and NABTEB, etc….


DELSU portal or official website


DELSU official website is

You can visit the site to check your result and some other things


A final thought on pharmacy in DELSU


Choosing DELSU as your desired university to study pharmacy will give no regret. The school is mentioned among the 20 best universities in Nigeria.


Finally, I hope you found this article helpful, if you do, please drop a positive comment and share it with your friends on social media. Also, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to drop them in the comment section below.

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