The Secret I am about to show you should not be Misuse or shared with another person.

Only use this tactics when you are broke but you still want to join RechargeAndGetPaid in 2020, this is the ultimate guide for you…

For example you know up to 20 person that can pay at least ₦5,000 to join a business platform like this, which I guess you already know about RechargeAndGetPaid as the business of referring and getting paid to top up and earn commission.

If you do not know About RechargeAndGetPaid, go read this post About RechargeAndGetPaid in Nigeria Guide.

Now, Let me focus on how you can use your followers to join RAGP without paying a dime for Registration fee.

Join RechargeAndGetPaid RAGP for Free

But before I continue if you have the money, save yourself this stress and Join with your extra money and try the business before you start telling people to join to ensure you know How RAGP Works .

This Strategy is only for those that have the interest to Join but do not have up to the least amount or up to the RAGP Package Plan they want.

To also ensure that I am not misleading you, let me quickly explain the Business of RechargeAndGetPaid in a box.

Are you following me!

RechargeAndGetPaid – with the popular acronym of R.A.G.P is a Business Platform in the Virtual Top Up  Telecommunication Industry (V.T.U), RAGP is the number #1 leading company in VTU Business in Nigeria and has it office all over Nigeria and Head office in Abuja.

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RAGP is a VTU platform that base on the resell of Telecom Products like Airtime, Data, Electrical bills, TV Subscriptions and Many More. See what VTU Business is all about Here.

Another aspect of RechargeAndGetPaid VTU system is that you do not only sell Virtual Top Up but also receives some Percentage for selling or using it.

You also earn commission when you refer someone to join the platform as you did when starting and receive commission from their activities on the RAGP Dashboard.

Whenever they refer someone, whenever they recharge~  or top up on Airtime, data, electricity bills and you also get an annual incentive package when you hit certain targets and points in RechargeAndGetPaid Business.

1 would show you various RechargeAndGetPaid Compensation plan as we progress here.

Let me show you how to Register on RAGP for free.

I don’t know, I am just too afraid to share with you the secret,  please use it effectively O.


Here is the secret and I would advice you do it with diligence and make proper agreement with your RAGP sponsor before you go ahead.

Your RechargeAndGetPaid sponsor is someone that you register under in RAGP.

Currently, I accept this method of registration for a limited time only.

That is either once in a month or when I feel like because you would still need money to fund your RAGP Wallet to start vending airtime, data and other utility bills expect you are focusing only on the referral program.

What is the secret tips I have been hiding since all this while, to register on RAGP for free.

You have to know few people who would be interested in joining you with money and send them to register under your sponsor link and your sponsor uses part of the commission or all the commission you made for him to register you for free on RechargeAndGetPaid.

Since, the minimum Registration fee on RAGP is ₦5,000 you would have to register up to 5 persons or up to 10 person to register under your sponsor, your sponsor register you immediately afterwards with the commission and you start to register other new referrals under yourself and start making money on RechargeAndGetPaid.

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You can avoid all that and use your own money and get registered with much stress and start making money form RAGP from day 1 as people registrar under you.

Would you like to use the free method or quick paid method to register on RechargeAndGetPaid today.

Send me a private message using the contact form below this post here on IncomeBrain.

Why You Should Join RechargeAndGetPaid Now

(RechargeAndGetPaid Compensation Plan)

Let me show you what you can benefit from joining RAGP Today, here is a snapshot of RAGP Compensation plan.

New RechargeAndGetPaid Compensation plan

But for the sake that you are a new beginner, do not focus on the compensation plans because it can get you confused and make a decision you might not like.

So, I recommend you get started and know each membership plan fee and know your capacity to join RechargeAndGetPaid.

Note, you can also upgrade to a new level if you want and they are one time payment.

New RechargeAndGetPaid Membership fee

I would break it down for you.

New RechargeAndGetPaid Membership Registration Fee (Plan)

RAGP has up to seven (7) membership level and with different benefits and packages.

RechargeAndGetPaid Memberships Packages:

  1. Basic Member.
  2. Bronze Member.
  3. Silver Member.
  4. Gold Member.
  5. Diamond Member.
  6. Platinum Member.
  7. Executive Member.
We are going to look in the two first membership plan for now, which are Basic and Bronze.
Earning Potentials of Both Direct/Indirect Commission for Basic Member
1ST 3 ₦1,000 ₦3,000 20
2ND 9 ₦500 ₦45,00 10
3RD 27 ₦250 ₦6,750 5
4TH 81 ₦125 ₦10,125 2.5
5TH 243 ₦62.5 ₦15,187.5 1.25
6TH 729 ₦50 ₦36,450 1
7TH 2187 ₦50 ₦109,350 1
8TH 6561 ₦50 ₦328,050 1
9TH 19683 ₦50 ₦984,150 1
10TH 59049 ₦50 ₦2,952,450 1

  • Total earning ₦ 450,012.5

Now let’s also see a table for Bronze and compare benefits.

They are not at the same registration fee.

Earning Potentials of Both Direct/Indirect Commission for bronze Member
1ST 3 ₦2,000 ₦6,000 20
2ND 9 ₦1,000 ₦9,000 10
3RD 27 ₦500 ₦13,500 5
4TH 81 ₦250 ₦20,250 2.5
5TH 243 ₦125 ₦30,375 1.25
6TH 729 ₦100 ₦72,900 1
7TH 2187 ₦100 ₦218,700 1
8TH 6561 ₦100 ₦656,100 1
9TH 19683 ₦100 ₦1,968,300 1
10TH 59049 ₦100 ₦5,904,900 1

  • Total earning ₦ 8,900.025

Now you know both membership earnings and matrix, let me also tell you the current registration fee for both.

I would also drop a list of the registration membership fee (one time payment) for all sevens of them.

Okay, let me drop the 7 and you would tell me at the comment section which you would like to register on;

RechargeAndGetPaid Membership Price List:

  1. Basic Member – ₦5,000
  2. Bronze Member – ₦10,000
  3. Silver Member – ₦20,000
  4. Gold Member – ₦30,000
  5. Diamond Member – ₦40,000
  6. Platinum Member – ₦50,000
  7. Executive Member – ₦100,000
Now, As a new starter which plan will you register with.
As A Basic Member or Bronze Member.
Drop your answer in the comment section or contact me using the contact form below this post.
Do not forget to join me email list members for free as I share with you on how to get the best out of RechargeAndGetPaid first hand tips.
Thank you and I am waiting for your comment.
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