Recharge And Get Paid Sign up Fee For 2022 (Full List)

Have you been wanting to join Recharge And Get Paid for long and have see Rechargeandgetpaid is real, Before you Register with RechargeAndGetpaid – Read This…

New RechargeAndGetPaid Membership Registration Fee (Plan)

RAGP has up to seven (7) membership level and with different benefits and packages.

RechargeAndGetPaid Memberships Packages:

  1. Basic Member.
  2. Bronze Member.
  3. Silver Member.
  4. Gold Member.
  5. Diamond Member.
  6. Platinum Member.
  7. Executive Member.

Now you know both membership earnings and matrix, let me also tell you the current registration fee for both.

I would also drop a list of the registration membership fee (one time payment) for all sevens of them.

Okay, let me drop the 7 and you would tell me at the comment section which you would like to register on;

RechargeAndGetPaid Membership Price List:

  1. Basic Member – ₦5,000
  2. Bronze Member – ₦10,000
  3. Silver Member – ₦20,000
  4. Gold Member – ₦30,000
  5. Diamond Member – ₦40,000
  6. Platinum Member – ₦50,000
  7. Executive Member – ₦100,000

Now, As a new starter which plan will you register with. As A Basic Member or Bronze Member. Drop your answer in the comment section or contact me using the contact form below this post. Do not forget to join me email list members for free as I share with you on how to get the best out of RechargeAndGetPaid first hand tips. 

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