Apply For 2023/2024 Fully Funded Scholarship In USA, Canada, UK

Acquiring a scholarship to study in any country like Canada, the USA, and the UK is a thing of joy. Whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student who wants to finish a Master’s degree, you can travel abroad to study.

In this post, we will list out all scholarship programmes, review applications for admission and the requirement for admission on this post today.

If you are a student seeking financial need to study abroad, you must first apply for admission before being admitted to any degree-seeking program. You will be given aid like loans, Education, grant, and student employment. Let’s get started!!!

Which Country Gives The Most Fully Funded Scholarship?

  • Fulbright Scholarship (US)
  • Commonwealth Scholarship (UK)
  • STEM Women’s Undergraduate Scholarship (US)
  • Public Service Commission (Singapore)
  • Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (Amsterdam)
  • Turkish Government Scholarship
  • ADB Japan Scholarship Program (Japan)
  • ABSA Bursary Programme
  • Rosztoczy Foundation Scholarship Program (US)
  • Chinese Scholarship
  • Swiss Government Scholarship
  • DAAD Scholarship Germany
  • New Zealand Regional Development Scholarship (New Zealand)

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (Amsterdam)

Amsterdam Excellence Scholarship (Amsterdam) has provided students with a fully funded scholarship each year for further studies abroad and all over the world.

  • Business administration
  • Education
  • Training
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Fine and applied arts
  • Mathematics and computer sciences
  • Medical and health sciences
  • Natural sciences, Social and behavioural sciences
  • Transport and communication

Commonwealth Scholarship (UK)

It is an international programme offered to all students who want to make a difference in environmental or political structures. The Commonwealth Scholarship are open for students in countries like South Asia, Nigeria and other countries in the world. 

To be accepted for Commonwealth Scholarship, the candidate is expected to meet up to the following requirement:

You must be a citizen of any of the Commonwealth countries like South Asia, Nigeria and other countries of the world. 

You must agree to study in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Medicine and Health Science and Faculty of Engineering.

How To Apply For Commonwealth Scholarship

If you are interested to apply for Commonwealth Scholarship, you should apply online by visiting the commonwealth scholarship commission website.

List Of Documents Required For The Scholarship Application For 2023/2024

Provide the following information to fully funded scholarships in the USA, Canada, UK

  • Resume/ CV for scholarship
  • Personal statement
  • Acceptance letter format
  • Recommendation letter for scholarship


Which Universities Offer Scholarships For International Students In The Field Of Engineering?

Here are the universities that can offer any engineering student scholarships, include the Georgia Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Los Angeles (UCLA), and the University of California.

How Can International Students Apply For Scholarships At American Universities?

If you are interested in applying for scholarships at American universities. Kindly, check the university’s website and follow the application process or you can contact the admission or financial aid office for help.

Can International Students Apply For Scholarships After Being Admitted To American Universities?

If you have gained admission into any American University, you want to apply for a scholarship all you have to do is check your scholarship deadlines and fill in the application requirement needed. Then, you will be offered a scholarship despite being admitted into the school.

In conclusion

You can apply for a fully funded scholarship in USA, Canada, UK. Rush now, to apply for scholarship 2023/2024 before the deadline and don’t forget to like and comment on this post.

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