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About Booth University College Canada Scholarship

Booth University College Canada is a private Christian school founded in 1982 and located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Booth University College is an excellent university in Canada and has a good record of providing a flexible education to both its local and international students. They offer various programs such as Business Administration, Biblical and Theological Studies, Behavioral Sciences, etc.

The University is one of the world’s most famous when it comes to its postgraduate and graduate programs, and also provides fully funded scholarships to its students in a way to reduce their financial pressure and make them financially worry-free.

Does Booth University College require IELTS?

Yes, you will need to take the International English Language proficiency test and score a minimum of 6.5 or above to be accepted.

Requirements For This Scholarship

According to the University, this scholarship is open to all participants both locals and international students. Though the admission eligibility criteria for both are different.
For the International students, below are their requirements:

  • Have a degree or diploma certificate.
  • Score up to average on the IELTS exam.
  • Posses intelligence and leadership skills.
  • Score a high CGPA of 2.7 or higher.

Documents needed may include the following:

  • Undergraduate degree or diploma certificate.
  • Your Passports size photos.
  • Your school transcript.
  • Letter of motivation or recommendation.
  • Statement of intent or purpose.
  • Professional resume(If required).
  • Your English language proficiency test results(IELTS).

How To Apply For The Booth University College Scholarship

If you wish to apply for this year’s Booth fully funded Scholarship, follow the guidelines below.

  • View and make sure you meet their admission requirements. If yes, then.
  • Login to the University portal or website, create a profile and get your ID & password.
  • Choose your choice of courses available in different fields of study.
  • Fill out the Online application form.
  • Upload all vital documents required.
  • Pay for the application fee, about $150 or less.
  • Click Submit and wait for approval.

In a few weeks or months, the school will review your application and if you meet their requirements for the scholarship, you will receive a letter of acceptance and other information about the next step via email.
Advice: It’s always necessary to prepare ahead of time, apply on time, and often check your email and visit the scholarship page to be informed whether your application is considered or not.

What Is The Deadline For Application Submissions?

For students who wish to apply to this year’s Booth University College fully funded scholarship, here is the deadline for two academic sessions.
For Bachelor’s degree(Fall) – The deadline is June 30, 2023.
For Bachelor’s degree(Winter) – The deadline is September 15, 2023.
However, understand that it is vital to apply before the slated deadline date as early bird applications are considered first sometimes.

Why You Need Booth’s Fully Funded Scholarship

Well, who does want to have financial worry-free while studying the program of choice in one of the best-developed cities in the world? So there are lots of benefits to securing this scholarship.
Here are they:
As an international student, you will have the opportunity to study in a developed country that has the fairest education system, meet professional staff and friendly locals, and enjoy the Canadian beautiful climate.
The Booth scholarship is a fully funded scholarship that covers all your tuition expenses. This means you will have financial worry-free as you also fulfil your dream to study abroad.
As a Booth University College scholar, your degree certificate will be honoured and acknowledged globally.


Booth University College Canada has been recorded as among the best schools that offer an excellent and flexible education system to students throughout the years.
With this mouth-watering scholarship, you can indeed accomplish your dream of having your studies abroad in a more serene environment without incurring high fees.
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