How to Apply For IMD Emerging Markets Scholarships

The IMD emerging markets scholarships is hosted by IMD in a country which is said to be the most innovative country in the word eight years running by the Global Innovation Index. Much of this country’s ongoing success can be attributed to three things: excellent universities, large investments in research and development, and world-class infrastructure.

Studying in Switzerland is an amazing opportunity as there are many benefits that comes with it.

Why Study In Switzerland

1. A world-class education system

Switzerland has a renowned education system—so choosing to study abroad in Switzerland just makes sense! This country is known for having high standards and teaching methods that are based on active learning. Not only is it a qualitative education system, but it’s also an affordable one. Many distinguished Swiss public universities have tuition fees that don’t exceed 1000 CHF, or 1100 USD.

2. A healthy lifestyle

Among many aspects that Swiss people have a reputation in, having a healthy lifestyle is one of them. Even though they are regular alcohol drinkers, they try to keep a balance by consuming mostly light and sugar-free food. That’s why fast food joints aren’t that widespread across the country, as many prefer to spend a considerable amount of time preparing food and enjoying every bite they take. Yum!

3. Swiss multilingualism

Four languages are spoken in Switzerland: German, French, Italian, and Romansh. All of them maintain the equal status of official languages in the Swiss Confederation. However, Swiss people aren’t limited to these languages only; English, too, is widely spoken there.

So, even if you don’t speak any of the four official languages, you can still live and communicate with the locals in English—and soak up incredible opportunities for foreign language acquisition when studying abroad in Switzerland.

4. Diversity and culture

Switzerland is characterized by diversity, both geographically and culturally. With more than two million people living in this country, it’s impossible for the Swiss culture not to be impacted.

The neighboring countries and their impact also have a role in the diverse culture of the country. Among the Swiss official languages, you’ll hear many other languages spoken by foreigners, including English. You’ll never feel alone when you study abroad in Switzerland!

Plus, Swiss people are very passionate about art. That’s why there are 600 museums scattered around the country. You’ll have multiple museums to choose from and explore in almost every city in Switzerland.

15. A large expat population 

Among 8.57 million people that live in Switzerland, 2.1 million are foreigners. This high number makes Switzerland one of the countries with the highest number of internationals living in its midst. More than 80% of them are from European countries like Germany, France, Italy, and Portugal, and live in the Lake Geneva area and Zurich.

6. The rest of Europe is just a few hours away! 

Fancy a weekend away when you study in Switzerland? Switzerland not only gives you tons of attractions to visit within the country, but also allows you to move across the borders to visit the countries that surround it.

Switzerland borders five states and is well-connected with all of them. The Swiss transportation system is at your disposal to make your getaway more efficient and enjoyable. All you need to do is choose the destination!

Brief description:

IMD’s MBA program is offering a new and considerable scholarship program to enable young leaders from emerging markets to earn the IMD MBA degree.

Host Institution(s):

IMD Switzerland

Field of study:

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

Number of Scholarships:

Not specified.

Target group:

Citizens of developing countries

Scholarship value/inclusions:

CHF 20,000-60,000


Applicants must be citizens of developing countries with good academic results (GMAT), strong reference letters & steady career progression.

Application instructions:

Before you can apply for the scholarship, you must have been accepted into an IMD MBA Program. You must submit the MBA Financial Aid Application Form at the time of admissions application.

How to Apply

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