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How Can Full Time Student Make Money In Nigeria (20 Ways With Examples)

Thinking of how to make extra money as a full time university student in Nigeria, it is a very good idea and especially now the nation economy is not stable, many parents may not be able to meet up to your educational fees demand and expenditures like money for handout, departmental levy and school fees etc.

Recently, we published the episode 1 (one) of this series: School Money and our first episode was on SSCE students, were we shared new secrets on how SSCE students can use to make extra money after their examination like for those seating for WAEC, NECO, JAMB and GSC exams.

If you are currently in school now as a full time student, it would be difficult for you to manage work and study together unless you are very smart like bad ass. So you would not loose the main goal of going to school the first time.

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Yep! πŸƒ))) 🚢

You have to be super intelligent to do this before but now with the comfort of your hostel, with a good smartphone, laptop and internet connection, you can make money to do whatever you like.

I am not saying that I support any get rich quick scheme without real proof but technology has turned things around that you can do some freelance job at home and there are other stay at home online business that are legit and pay good money for like graphics design, digital marketing and starting an online marketing agency firm with no office and make up to ₦50,000 – ₦1,000,000 as your contract salary that do not means a one time monthly salary, do not be deceive by figure, what I mean is that a company/ business can pay you a sum total to manage their online business platform like doing and managing the social media platforms and doing graphics design for them.

You can make close to ₦500k from a contract on Web Design if you are very good at what you do.


(That is nearly impossible).

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Here are what you can do to make money as a full time student in University in Nigeria.

Lists Of Part-Time Job/ Business A Full Time Student Can Do To Make Money In Nigeria

First, what do you like to achieve doing this Job or Business?


I want you to think and answer that question and the right answer will help you get the right job or start the right Business.

If you have not yet in higher school (college) or university as per say, you can go and learn a skill on any of well paying skill in Africa (Nigeria).

+ Web Design.

+ Graphics Design.

+ Digital Marketing (Online Marketing).

+ Fashion Designer (Tailor).

+ Hair Stylist (Barber or Hair Dresser).

+ Show Presenter (M.C or OAP staff).

+ Buy And Sell.

+ Forex Trading. 

+ Importation Business.

+ Affiliate Marketing Business.

+ CopyWriting & Freelancing.

+ Desktop Publishing.

+ Network Marketing Business.

If you know of any more, you can add them at the comment section or share with us one of these one you are using to currently making money from.

πŸ›‘ What Will Not Make You Money In School Right Now

As many young people are in search of any making money skill or business to start, here are few business that will not pay you right now, it may take years to start seeing results;

#1: Blogging. (Blogger) 

#2: YouTube Video Creating. ( YouTuber)

#3: App Creator..

#4:  Add Your Own.

Why do I not list these business as well paying skill among others I mentioned before?

Good Question.

Talking about making real money, you need real business that will pay you now not sometime in the future, that doesn’t mean that you can’t make money doing these online business but for someone totally broke, do offline business to make real money.

There are three categories of business you can do in school to make money.

=> On Campus Business.
=> Off Campus Business.
=> Outside Campus Business.

If school rules allow making money on Campus, like selling stuff and used product, it is a good opportunity to start from there or your business can only operate outside campus. then you have to rent a store off campus or outside campus to trade.

The good news is that
Online Business Works Everywhere!

I guess you would want me to go in details in online business, but here are some few real offline business that you can do part time to make $,$$$.

Sorry to cut in here πŸŸπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ)))

Another legit job to do in school is to teach others and charge them for your knowledge and time, this method is approved by any school in Nigeria.

#1: Tutor A Course;

Teach a course or topic you know very well to your course mates or other students that want to learn the course, you can do this by organising a class after lecture, that is after main classes or weekend. Depending on your schedule and free time.
If teaching one on one do not match your schedule, consider creating an online course platform were you create your course content once and sell to multiple students without stress, you just have to focus on marketing your course.
Teach Online
Teach A Course

If you can’t still create an online course, you can create and sell digital products online with your smartphone, there is not limit in how much you can make selling your digital product. In our next episode in School Money we would learn how to create a professional online course without breaking your bank.

For example you created and priced your course for $50 and sell to 600 students.

Let’s do a little calculation here; 

$50 X 600(students) = $30,000//

$30,000 converted to Naira is up to ₦10,800,000.

Bros No time to check time here πŸ‘€

Or you sell your digital product for $10 β‰ˆ ₦3,600

And you sell to 1,000 students

$10 X 1,000 = $10,000//

In Naira it is ₦3,600,000//

I am not saying this to mislead you but to let you know of the potential in this teaching busimess.

Next episode will be out very soon on how to start affiliate marketing business with low capital.

We have post about how teachers can make more money in Nigeria,

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