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New Lonrich Registration fee in Nigeria 2021: How Can I Join LongRich Business

Longrich Business is now trending in Nigeria and you would not like to be left out from this business partnership with Longrich international.

IncomeBrain is here to educate you on vital information that can help you as a student, teacher and other profession you are.

So,  in this post article and videos. I would explain more on all you need to know about Longrich Business in Nigeria and how it works.

This LongRich Training Presentation would focus on:

  1. What is Longrich All About
  2. Benefits of Joining Longrich (Compensation Plan)
  3. Longrich Registration fees & Packages.
  4. Steps To Register For Longrich (How Tos)
  5. How To Join Longrich in Nigeria
  6. How To Create Longrich Distributor Account in Nigeria (Become A Stockist)
Others would be explained as we progress like Longrich PV.

Now, let’s assume you know nothing about Longrich before and you have not join any network marketing business also,  let me show you things you need to know about this business opportunity.

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First,  let’s get to know the origin and history of Longrich Business both in Nigeria and outside Nigeria.

What is Longrich all about in Nigeria

What is Longrich All About (How Does It Work)

Quickly, let’s take a glance view on the history of Longrich and it’s business opportunity.

Longrich is the largest and most advanced centre for the research, development, manufacture and sales of cosmetics and healthcare products in China, with their trade mark in 184 countries & products in over 50 countries of the world. The company’s visionary Chairman Zu Zhiwei is one of China’s top Entrepreneurs. The Company is rated 42nd in 2014 Direct selling news (DSN) top 100 MLM companies in the world. The company owns 3% of China’s GDP & a 5Star Hotel. Longrich Company Ltd has its institution in America and has its production centre in Japan, America and China. They have been in operation Globally for 30years and are spreading their tentacles to all continents. They are currently in other continents and spreading in Africa. They are ISO (International standard organization) certified.

Longrich manufactures Top quality fast moving unique and highly effective products like Superbklean Anion sanitary napkins and Panty liners, Mosquito repellent sprays, Bamboo Charcoal soaps, Toothpaste, Antiperspirant roll-on, Energy cup, Classy style energy cups, Sheep placenta SOD body cream, Herbal body wash, Mouth-fresheners, Hand-cream, Wine, Calcium, Nutriv instant drink, Cordycep coffee etc. The catch is in achieving FINANCIAL FREEDOM through this opportunity offered by Longrich, if you decide to become a distributor. Longrich distributes its innovative products through highly motivated independent distributors using Networking Marketing method, but unlike other network marketing companies it offers greater profitability and flexibility.

Benefits Of Joining Longrich Business

Doing things on your own or joining a wrong group who do not fully understand what the business is all about is the worst decision you would regret making and even hate the main company.

Here, Longrich IncomeBrain Team would superCharge you to succeed and show you steps great leaders in our team use.

Every business has a strategy and few entrepreneurs knows the strategy and keep it as a secret.

In our team, here are our principal we believe in;

20 Benefits of Longrich IncomeBrain above other MLM companies:

1. Maximum of 3 legs.

2. No time frame (no pressure).

3. No compulsory monthly purchases (target).

4. Unlimited accumulation of bonus points.

5. Leadership easily achieved.

6. Products are Quality and affordable.

7. No sales accumulated target.

8. Earn weekly bonuses according to team’s activity.

9. Earn bonuses to our last generation.

10. We are expected to have only 3 down lines.

11. No pressure.

12. Single group can make money.

13. Two groups can achieve financial freedom.

14. Every Green Thursday, the company pays you commission/bonuses based on the weekly activities of your team into your (personal) local bank account.

15. Longrich plan encourages teamwork.

16. Reason why you grow as your team grows.

17. Note that you are also rewarded with trips, cars and house when you meet certain criteria.

18. No monthly products purchase target.

19. You are allowed to select products of your choice.

20. Freedom.

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Longrich is not a Pronize scheme that promises you financial freedom without a solid business plan.

How can Joining Longrich IncomeBrain Benefit You in Life and Business:

I have just few words to say here.

Longrich has over 2,000 products and they are distributed worldwide, if you are looking for a real physical business to start, joining us would give you access to become a Longrich Approved Distributor and you can start with a minimum of just ₦30,000


We are going to look at how you can join longrich and how much is longrich registration fee.

So, follow us on twitter to get updated when we post new topics on this blog.

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