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  • Sun. Mar 7th, 2021

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Steps To Create Email or Gmail Account For Jamb (With Pictures) And Avoid Mistakes


Jan 9, 2020

Create an Active Email or Gmail Account for Jamb Profile (JAMB Registration Process), before you complete your JAMB Profile Creation and other Registration Process, you would need a valid and functioning email address account either for example; Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Yandex, Email.

How does email for Jamb look like: for Gmail Account, for Yahoo Mail Account, for Yandex mail Account.

No matter the type you wish to create for your JAMB Profile, it is acceptable by JAMB Portal and you can create Email Address yourself with just a good browsing phone or computer.

Try to use Password and username you can remember to create your email before JAMB Registration and also ensure that is working before sending it to JAMB because all vital information you need about your JAMB Profile Account would be sent to the email.

Importance Of Creating Email For Jamb

  1. Email is required when you want login to your  JAMB Portal –
  2. Your JAMB Result is sent to that Email Address you provide when creating your account. 
  3. Your JAMB Slip for reprinting is sent to that email.
  4. Other Vital Information is sent to that your JAMB Email Address.
  5. Checking of Results.
  6. Admission letter is sent to your email for Jamb.
  7. You can use it for other Admission processing registration like for Post-UTME, WAEC, NECO Exams and others.
  8. When you forget your password for your JAMB Account, your registered email is use to retrieve it back.
  9. CBT Practice on JAMB CBT Website or Software.
  10. Other personal use.

Now you know the importance of creating an active email address for your JAMB Profile Creation,  let see How To Create An Email that send and receive messages anytime like a Gmail Account.

How To Create An Active Email Address For JAMB Profile Account That Receives Messages (With Pictures And Videos)

There are different Email Platforms available online and it is advisable by IncomeBrain Academy for you to create any email account you can easily access through their Mobile App and website, Gmail is owned by Google and has a functioning Mobile app which you can easily download from Google Play Store.

Email address JAMB Accept

Others are Yahoo mail,  Hotmail, Yandex mail Outlook mail etc.

For educational purposes, you would learn how to create a Gmail Account and Yahoo Mail Account from this article that would become your mailing address and you can use it for anything such as the onces mentioned above.

Sometimes, people create their email address successfully but later mispell it when they are asked to fill it in their JAMB form while others forget their password of their email address.

To avoid all of this mistakes and errors, let us learn how to create a valid email address like

 First, let create a Gmail account for Jamb.

How To Create Gmail Account For Jamb Profile (Step By Step)

You can use the mobile app or website link but I would advice you use Google Chrome to do this and make sure everything is verified like confirming your email address, phone number and protect your account with a strong password.

Talking about which type of password to use for your email, do not make the mistake of using your phone number as your password or name.

Considerably, you can use a combination of your first name + four last digit of your phone like this;

James1234 or 1234JAmes

That would help protect your account from hackers and evil friends.

So,  let’s get started.

Here is a short video that would show you how »


Confirm your email address to sure it is active with the verification link sent to your email by Google Team.

What You Will Need:

  • Phone Number.
  • Username.
  • Date Of Birth.
  • Country.
  • Password.
Last three years (2017), I was surprise that a student did not have an email address she gave me to fill on her form on JAM portal, I asked her if the email was working but she said that she had just think of the name as I ask her,  so I helped her create the email because we have already sent that email address to JAMB.
Thank God that the exact email address was available.
Please do not make the mistake,  create your email account before going to JAMB accredited centre(s).
Use this link:

Can I Create Yahoo Mail Account For JAMB Registration?

Yes, you can. Provided you can still login to your account and remember the password. 
Here is a video of how to set up a Yahoo mail address with easy. 
Also, note that your password should be personal to only you. 
Use this link:
Remember to write down your password and email address, in case you want to login again on other devices.
If you have questions concerning the Right Email Address to create for JAMB Registration, you can ask them in the comment section below this post. 
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